Breathe. Repeat. Go within, where your true strength resides. Begin again.


The Case of the Crucifixion Report — ~Burning Woman~

(Disclaimer: Ready for some satirically historical or historically hysterical, anecdotes? I do hope you remembered to leave your sensitivities on the “Welcome” mat at the door as they would be somewhat of an impediment in this reading room.) (breaking news by Sha’Tara-for immediate release) The following, as you may remember from your second year of […]

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Thoughts on Feb 29

Why isn’t Feb 29th, the extra day that comes only once every 4 years, an international free day?  It is a whole extra day!  What a great day to catch up with ourselves and do things that we’ve put off doing or enjoying. Take a break from the habitual.  Write, draw, color, paint, meditate, nap, make love, make peace, explore nature, listen, sing, take a walk, read, talk face to face with someone, daydream, … .  Realize & enjoy this extraordinary day!

Life’s rehearsal

There is none.

How little of life is actually lived in the moment at hand.  So much is spent as if rehearsing, practicing, or preparing for that nebulous future day, place, time, circumstance.

No mourning the viscous moments past. Banishing fear, I bravely embrace being in this moment.